Good Japanese

Japanese lessons in Milpitas, San jose.

Private lessons
$40 / 1 hour

Group lessons
$30 / 1 hour per person

Place / Date and Time
Milpitas (near Great Mall)

Date and Time:
Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00

Feel free to contact me.
Email: rika_goodjapanese★
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Rika Hiramura

Student's comment
Anita Rika is a great teacher. She is very friendly and I had a lot of fun learning Japanese from her. she adapts to students individual styles of learning to help each student get the most out of their lessons. she will help you meet your individual learning goals. Rika also teaches about Japanese culture and is very open to answering any questions you have. I had a great time taking lessons from her and hope that you will too!
Jackie Rika-sensei's lesson is about real communication in Japanese. She makes the lesson personal so you can talk about things that interest you while improving your Japanese communication skills. She's also a really good listener and helped me through some stressful times at work in Japan! I started the lessons to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Grade 2. Thanks to Rika-san, I brushed up my grammar, learned plenty of vocabulary and in the end I got 89% on the test! So I can definitely recommend Rika-sensei's lessons!
Nick I had lessons with Rika for over a year and she really helped me to improve my Japanese. Not only was she a great teacher with a great deal of patience, but she was also flexible when I had to change my lessons because of overtime at work. Most importantly lessons were always fun and I highly recommend her as a teacher.
David I have taken lessons with Ms. Hiramura for 3 years. She has always been very patient, flexible, and has lots of good advice and ideas. She has worked with me with a variety of materials and lessons including conversation, keigo, grammar, a TV drama, and articles from magazines. I found each of her lessons valuable as well as enjoyable. When a difficult to explain grammar point came up, in the rare case that she could not explain it in a way that I could clearly understand, she would research it at home and explain very clearly in the next lesson. I have studied Japanese off and on for years both in college and in language schools in Japan. I believe Ms. Hiramura's lessons have helped me improve more than any others that I have taken.
Francis I've never been much for studying, but I knew I had to improve my Japanese. Hiramura-sensei was not only friendly and kind, but managed to tailor a lesson plan so that even this bad student could learn. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their Japanese ability, whatever your needs.
Jim I am very pleased that I located the Good Japanese website and connected with sensei Rika Hiramura. Her friendly and professional teaching style provided the perfect second language learning environment. I expressed that my goal was to take the JLPT Level 4 exam, and I believe that she prepared me very well. I also believe that she has provided me with an excellent understanding and foundation for continued growth with the Japanese language. In addition to her friendly and professional teaching style, she was very accommodating to my always changing schedule. Thank you very much!
Ben I came to Hiramura-sensei after studying Japanese on and off for many years and without much success. Thanks to her I have been able to get my studies back on track and have recently taken level 3 of the Japanese proficiency test. I thoroughly recommend Hiramura-sensei both for her professional teaching methods and patience but especially because the lessons were always motivating and enjoyable - very important when studying a foreign language!
Duncan In six months I improved my conversational and grammatical abilities, as well as my Kanji, and as a result was able to pass 4-kyu. All thanks to Ms Hiramura's useful, enjoyable, and thorough classes. I'm now studying for 3-kyu and I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Jordan Rika Hiramura's lessons were very informative. I came into the start of the lessons as a complete beginner with no knowledge of Hiragana, Katakana, or grammatical structures. I can now read and write Hiragana, Katakana and some Kanji. I can also perform several useful functions such as making a reservation, getting and giving directions and of course ordering food such as take out. Without Rika's help I feel that I would still be way behind and aimless. However, with her help, I am now preparing to take the Level 4 Japanese Proficiency Test and will someday in the near future use my Japanese for a career. However when someone asks me where or how I learned Japanese, I will not say that it was a book or a girlfriend that helped me, but the classes I took with Rika Hiramura!
Mike Before taking lessons with Hiramura-san, I couldn't understand or speak Japanese at all. Thanks to her patience and well-paced curriculum, in a few short month I have learned various Japanese sentence structures and vocabulary words. I'm confident that if I continue my lessons with Hiramura-san, I will reach my main goal and motivator for taking lessons... To carry on a conversation, in Japanese, with my future in-laws.
Nick As a beginner at Japanese, having Ms.Hiramura as a teacher was an invaluable aid. Her explanations and teaching techniques are excellent. Also, because she is self-employed, her lesson times are very flexible and she really cares about her students.
R W Ms Hiramura is very kind and patient. She lets me learn at my own pace, with an emphasis on conversation, which is my greatest need. I warmly recommend her.
Mitch I really enjoy my Japanese language class with Ms. Hiramura. She tailored my classes to meet my busy schedule and quickly reach my goals. Her relaxed teaching style and patience have made learning very fun. I highly recommend her course for anyone wanting to learn Japanese, for business or pleasure.
Dermot Ms.Hiramura is a great teacher. She is very patient and explains difficult things very well. You will enjoy learning with her.
Erik Hiramura sensei first talks with you to determine what your goals for studying Japanese are. She then implements lessons that are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. She always welcomes feedback in order to continuously focus on what YOU want to learn. I highly recommend Hiramura sensei to anyone who is serious about learning Japanese.